Innovative and effective fiberglass inspection and testing services

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MFI, POIS and MML. We have the patents to prove it!

•Online Inspection Focus

We have pioneered this field for 30 years. Our published work proves it.

•Support Services

Comprehensive in-house lab-testing, design and project engineering and shop inspection.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

We understand your concern and take every reasonable step including isolation, constant non-contact thermal monitoring, the use of masks and hand sanitizer, and undergoing COVID testing within 2 days of an upcoming trip for added assurance.


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Lab Services

BRER's lab services supply the in-house technical back-up necessary to verify critical field findings. When we finally tell a customer that some expensive equipment has to be replaced, we often recommend lab testing to confirm. This is not because we are not sure of our conclusion, but rather to provide upper management with the quantified assurance that their money is being well spent.

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Our inspections utilize unique, tested and effective software and procedure driven field analysis using the best available technology. We provide online and office FRP inspections, ASTM ASME shop inspections, and FAA licensed drone inspections. Our founder has pushed the envelope of online inspections of FRP equipment. He has been driven to find better ways to look at online FRP.

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Experienced people, the key to success. Training is critical to our survival as a company because of the specialized nature of the work we do. We have to “make” our own qualified employees. We try to start with individuals that are well experienced in the industrial FRP market, but even then, they need to learn our equipment and techniques.

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What is MFI?

In-service Monitored Filament Insertion (MFI) test; KNOW when it's time to replace your FRP.

What is Techna Shear?

To learn more about Techna Shear ™, please visit the Techna Shear website.