Engineering and Project Management

Expertly designed & specified projects promoting true competitive bidding.


BRER engineering and project management staff will help you define the product you need before it goes out to bid so that it can be competitively bid. Two common mistakes cause more disappointing results than anything else.

  1. Failure to fully define the product you want before putting it out to bid.
    There are many ways to make something that is technically, an FRP tank built to industry standards. First of all, there are multiple “industry standards” that provide very different results. If you let manufacturers compete on the design, you have to know which details will produce quality and which will not. The best way is to pre-define both the configuration and the quality and let the manufacturers quote based on efficiency, not design.

  2. Failure to place a knowledgeable inspector in the shop during construction.
    Too often, shops do not follow through with their commitment. The understanding that a knowledgeable individual will visit at strategic points in the construction assures that the shop will do their best to comply.

Project Management

Our experienced management staff can provide guidance to large field repairs and installation. BRER senior inspectors place decades of field and shop management experience at your disposal.