Online and Shutdown Inspection Services

Our inspections utilize unique, tested and effective software and procedure driven field analysis using the best available technology.


BRER has pushed the envelope for online inspections of FRP equipment as evidenced by our innovative tools and methods.  Our founder, Todd Bishop and his team are driven to find better ways to look at online FRP.  Our long term customers have found that our Preventive Maintenance (PM) program consistently pays for itself through reductions in downtime. We often pay for many years of our services through a single “find”.  Online capability allows important inspections to take place while the mill is running so that you are ready for the all-important shutdown period.

BRER produces comprehensive inspection reports that preserve a critical inspection record of all of the “PM Units” in the plant including all vessels and discreet piping runs. These are all broken into zones and sites according to the requirements of American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.

Shop Inspections

BRER conducts shop inspection from a position of knowledge and experience. Our senior inspectors have decades managing FRP manufacturing. Our inspectors are well equipped with all the standard equipment to manage ASTM ASME inspections. As stated above, shop inspection is your best assurance of a successful project.

Mobile Materials Lab (MML)

BRER developed Mobile Materials Labs (MML) which is a pre-organized and equipped work environment that keeps our teams working near the job. MML is equipped with everything they need in a familiar, comfortable, rapid deployment, protected system that keeps shipping costs and losses down and productivity up. Each climate controlled lab comes pre-wired, with equipment chargers, printers, scanner, and a local network with internet if available. Radio communications equipment, work tent, and office and testing supplies, as well as online inspection equipment keep two men supplied and productive on your work site for a week! The box even expands and retracts under its own power and can be stowed and locked in less than 15 minutes at the end of each shift with minimal effort. It protects the equipment and the teams moral. Careful selection of shipping and brokerage companies assures that MML can reach its destination within a week in North America and be ready and waiting for our team to arrive.

Drone Inspections

BRER Technical industrial drone inspection program features experienced FAA licensed drone pilots and extensively modified inspection drones adapted for the difficult task of navigating cramped, dark and hazardous industrial environments. Depending on the difficulty of the project, our team may consist of just the pilot, or it may include a spotter to help the pilot operate safely both for the equipment and for the drone.

Industrial drone inspection often involves working in tight places that interfere with the control signal. This requires a unique skill-set and piloting method that even an experienced drone pilot may not have. Our aircraft features 4K still and rock-solid gimbaled video cameras providing incredible detail on both still images and video. Optionally, we can provide IR equipped birds that have an IR pixel density greater than competitive drones.

Our inspection drones are equipped with protective cages and lighting to inspect in dark environments. We feature a wireless real time video capture system that feeds to an on-site screen for viewing or to the internet for remote subject-matter expert guidance and backup. BRER is the subject matter expert for FRP and lined equipment. BRER is happy to provide “wings” for other expert observers in metals, tile or other material systems for which we are not as qualified.