Lab Services

BRER lab services supply the in-house technical back-up necessary to verify critical field findings.

When we finally tell a customer that some expensive equipment has to be replaced, we often recommend lab testing to confirm. This is not because we are not sure of our conclusion, but rather to provide upper management with the quantified assurance that their money is being well spent.

Failure investigations are also a prime use for lab capabilities.

Tensile / Flexural / Modulus

We are equipped to test ASTM dogbone samples in tensile and 3 point bending. Our extensometer allows quick modulus testing as well without strain gauging.

Small Format Sample Testing

Dogbone tests in routine maintenance are uncommon because they require large samples, are difficult to do and cannot test in the hoop direction. Many laminate are significantly stronger in the hoop direction than in the axial. Through our Small Format Sample Testing program, we have done extensive correlations to prove that we can obtain usable tensile data from a 3” core sample.

In general, we try not to do excessive core sampling as it is wasteful and potentially damaging. They are, however, a lot less damaging than an 8” dogbone. When circumstances dictate we can pull a core and verify the remaining tensile strength within acceptable limits on most laminates. In other cases, 3 point bending is more appropriate.


We examine laminates for micro damage with a binocular microscope with an integrated digital camera.

Laminate Analysis

Most laminate evaluations benefit from resin to glass ratio readings. BRER is equipped to do in-house resin burn out tests. Our dedicated scrubber allows this to be done at will in our lab without polluting the air.

Contracted Capabilities

Outside capabilities include resin or contaminate identification, degree of cure, heat stability and others.