MFI and MMP Tools- BRER innovation at work

Monitored Filament Insertion (MFI) and Metered Mechanical Pressure (MMP) Tools

MFI involves inserting a micro-filament of non-corrosive metal into cured laminate in-situ, without pre-drilling, while monitoring the electrical properties of the laminate surrounding the filament in real time.

Real-time monitoring detects the conductive layers before the tiny probe reaches them. The by-product of the insertion process is fluidized and flows out along the fiber, sealing it into the matrix. No chips or chip-relief means that potential leak paths are all but eliminated. If a leak did occur, it would be measured in drips-per-hour and easily corrected without significant repair. This makes the process safe to use, even on hazardous processes like pressurized ClO2.

This method is designed to detect variations in the dielectric strength and capacitance of sub-surface layers as an indication of penetration by conductive fluids and damage to the composite matrix. The filament is then capped with epoxy and the electrical properties and depth are recorded so that it can be comparatively re-tested to detect changes in the inner surface of the composite over time.

It’s like a permanent core sample that does no damage and never has to be repeated. MFI enables a piping system to be instrumented to a minimum thickness or pressure rating according to the owner's requirement.

MFI vs Core Samples

Core samples remain the most common method for monitoring the condition of FRP equipment. But are they the best solution?

BRER's Monitored Filament Insertion  Core Sampling
Install while running Shut, Drain, Purge, Permit
Use non-outage resources Requires scarce outage resources
Install from ladder Scaffold often needed
No repair Major structural repair
NON-DAMAGING Structural laminate severed/exposed.
Exact depth of saturation measured Visual only unless lab tested
PERMANENT - may be retested MUST BE REDONE - 3 TO 5 YEARS
MFI: $300.00 or $500.00 per site Core: $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 per site
NEVER REPEATED in same location! MUST BE REPEATED every 3 to 5 years!
Monitors Bonded Joints & Core Integrity  
One MFI can save thousands over a lifecycle!  


Metered Mechanical Pressure (MMP)

Developed and patented by BRER, MMP is a pneumatic unit that applies pressure on the end of the slender metallic filament potentially driving it further into the undisturbed laminate as an indication of hardness. MMP is like being able to do Barcol Hardness reading INSIDE of a laminate!