About BRER Technical, Inc.

Professional services that focus on service!

In the last 15 years, BRER Technical has become one of the most technically advanced inspection and consulting companies in the industrial fiberglass industry. Along with our key on-line inspection capability, we offer shutdown inspections, job plans, design, shop inspection, failure analysis, laboratory testing and other consulting services. We will never forget what brought us to this place; focusing on our customers’ needs.

BRER has customers across North America and we developed the popular “Divot” test method and Turbo Shear™ (BRER Development) for rapid FRP demolition. Our owner was an early pioneer of infrared thermography for industrial FRP and we likely have the only digital x-ray systems in use in the industrial fiberglass inspection market. BRER’s patented Monitored Filament Insertion (MFI) provides unprecedented understanding of the overall condition of a laminate while it is in service. With MFI we can more accurately determine the amount of degradation and when it is time to repair or replace.

Our home office lab is equipped for burn-out, microscopy and tensile/modulus testing and dye-penetrant among other things. BRER now services many regular clients and numerous new customers every year. Our mobile equipment is transported in a proprietary, shippable Mobile Materials Lab for security, productivity and rapid deployment wherever we work.

Our owner published with The Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), Canadian Pulp and Paper Association (CPPA) and The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and was a major contributor to the FRP Inspection Guide. BRER Development was issued patents for both Turbo Shear™ and MFI in the United States and Canada. We continue to develop other innovative processes and methods. Our software development team has recently introduced Point of Inspection Software (POIS)  which improved our reporting and reduced our delivery to a month in most cases.



Todd Bishop is founder and owner of BRER Technical in Bellingham Washington. He graduated from Western Washington University with a BS in Industrial Technology (composites emphasis). He owned and operated composites manufacturing plants for 7 years before moving to a consulting firm. While there, he founded and managed the preventive maintenance function and invented both the popular Divot cutter and TurboShear™.

In 1999 Todd was awarded a contract with Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company to develop the TurboShear™ patent for aluminum. This was a contest with all the major tooling companies. Surprisingly in 2002, he lost the contest to a billion dollar competitor with 10 resident salesmen within Boeing. BRER Technical consulting was formed shortly thereafter.

BRER is now continent wide with customers all over North America. Todd owns patents for both TurboShear and MFI. Even more surprising, Mr. Bishop is only 35ish years old! Father of five, he boasts an original wife, an MD, an engineer, a professional actress/teacher, musicians, a missionary and six grandchildren as his most important accomplishments.