The pride of our business is the satisfaction of our valued customers. Our customers say it better than we could ourselves:

Domtar Mills

“We have worked with BRER in Hawesville Mill since 2004. Each year, they do an online inspection of our piping for a week and then return for a tankage inspection with repair supervision during our major outage. They are very self-sufficient during both on-line and outage inspections and interact well with other contractors when repairs are required. Over the years, BRER has made a significant contribution to the reliability of our large fiberglass installation, helping us plan and budget for replacement. Most of the time, the findings are incremental; occasionally however they have been dramatic and potentially saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. I particularly enjoy the creativity they bring to their job. They use x-ray, UT and IR and have introduced innovative, patented technology as well. Their reports are extensive and well organized. The introduction of their proprietary “Point of Inspection Software” (POIS) contributes to timeliness as well.

Wid W. ( Maintenance Engineer: Domtar - Hawesville Mill )
Domtar Mills

“Our mill has been contracting out the services of BRER Technical for fiberglass inspection and testing for both our piping and tanks for the past 16 years. Their patented technology has proven to be very successful which helped in identifying many immediate failures during first inception and provide detailed information for future plans in the following years – this assisted our company when forecasting maintenance work. The level of detail in communicating their findings and in their reports is very professional which is why we continue to contract their services. BRER Technical has grown from a one person company to a well-established company employing several engineers who are specialized in the fiberglass industry. BRER Technical comes highly recommended and we have no issue in promoting their services to other companies.”

Yvon S. ( C.E.T, MLT1 : Domtar - Dryden, Ontario Mill )
Domtar Mills

“Cariboo Pulp & Paper has engaged BRER Technical since 2004, shortly after they started business and we have invited them to help us inspect FRP piping and vessels every year since then. Their contribution has helped us maintain a strong FRP reliability program. Their reporting system has been a key asset for developing our annual scope of work and maintenance budget. We heartily recommend their services.”

Greg S. ( Project Engineer: West Fraser, Cariboo Mill - Quesnel, B. C. Canada )